Ajax Upload for Gravity Forms

What does this plugin do?

  • automatically uploads files before the form is submitted – making the final form submission load quicker
  • provides two ways of uploading files – a single ‘Ajax Upload’ field and in the repeatable ‘List’ field
  • display image thumbnails
  • send attachments via email
  • download attachments in bulk via the entry editor
  • add images to WordPress Media Library
  • automatic image size reducing and compression
  • ‘chunked’ file uploads – making large files easier to upload to the server (some servers will timeout or don’t support large file uploads)
  • compatible with the Gravity PDF plugin

Includes an easy to use settings page that allows you to configure:

  • maximum file size, in megabytes (MB)
  • allowed file types, by file extension
  • configure the Gravity Forms upload directory path in an easy to use settings
  • allows upload directory path to include form ID, hashed form ID, user ID, hashed user ID, year and month
  • image size reduction, in px
  • JPEG image quality
  • add to WordPress Media Library (optional)
  • add attachments to notification emails (zip file attachment)
  • view a list of attachments and download in a ZIP from the backend entry editor
  • and more !

See a demo of this plugin at demo.itsupportguides.com/ajax-upload-for-gravity-forms/

How to I use the plugin?

Simply install and activate the plugin – no configuration required.

Open your Gravity Form, and either add the ‘Ajax Upload’ field to your form, or a ‘List’ field and use the tick boxes to make a column an upload field.

To configure the plugin, go to the Gravity Forms -> Settings -> Ajax Upload menu.