Date Picker in List Fields for Gravity Forms

What does this plugin do?

  • make any list field column a date picker field
  • works with single and multi-column list fields

What options are available?

Front end options are available to

  • set the date format for each datepicker. Options include:
    • mm/dd/yyyy
    • dd/mm/yyyy
    • dd-mm-yyyy
    • yyyy/mm/dd
    • yyyy-mm-dd
  • have no icon or a calendar icon
  • set a default date

There are also a number of filters available to customise the date picker fields, including:

  • set a default date format – if your forms always use a format, e.g. DD/MM/YYYY, you can set this as the default format
  • set a default date
  • configure the date picker, e.g. restrict the range of dates selectable
  • disable date format validation – for when you customise the date picker to use a non-standard date format
  • disable CSS styles provided by plugin

See the FAQ page for more information.

How to use

For multi-column lists, the date picker options are under the ‘General’ tab, below the list of columns.

For single-column lists the date picker options are under the ‘Appearance’ tab.

See a demo of this plugin at