List Field Number Format for Gravity Forms

What does this plugin do?

  • make a list field column accept only numbers
  • specify the format of the number including currency, comma delimited (9,999) and dot delimited (9.999)
  • specify the rounding type – round up, round down or round closest
  • specify the decimal places to round to – no rounding, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • force the number to use fixed placed notation – e.g. 10.1 would become 10.10 with 2 place fixed notation
  • add a column total – automatically display the total of the column
  • specify a range requirement – this can be a set number, e.g. 200 or a formula, e.g. column 1 + column 2
  • calculate column values uing a formula (e.g. field = column 1 + column 2)
  • compatible with Gravity Forms List Field Calculations Add-On
  • compatible with Gravity PDF

See a demo of this plugin at

How to I use the plugin?

Simply install and activate the plugin – no configuration required.

Open your Gravity Form, edit a ‘List’ field and use the ‘Number Format’ options to configure the columns.